Wireman Tool List


Section 2.11 Tool List Journeymen will furnish themselves with the following hand tools in good condition:
Center punch
Small level
Hacksaw frame
Chalk Line
Pliers (as necessary)
600 volt tester
Small crimping tool
Appropriate measuring tape
Screwdrivers (as necessary)
1/4" tap handle
Crescent wrench (8" or less)
Allen wrenches to 3/8"
Flashlight (no batteries)
Adjustable Square
Keyhole saw handle
Small wire stripper
Chain tong or pipe wrench (14" or less)
Current edition, National Electrical Code
Nut drivers 3/16" to 5/8"
End wrenches 1/4” up to 3/4”
3/8” Socket set 3/8”up to 3/4”
The Employer will provide a safe storage facility for Employees' tools. This is not intended to require separate storage where storage for Employer tools and equipment is provided.
In the event of break-in where proper authorities (police or security personnel) are notified and afforded an opportunity to investigate, the Employer will be required to replace stolen or missing tools.